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A quality of decisions and the experience that informs them is what defines the work of a good mastering engineer. At Sonopod, that’s what we offer in engineer Dave Greenberg.

In the late 1980s, Dave was emerging as a recording engineer, working on-staff in professional recording studios while still an art-school student making experimental music, electro-acoustic instruments and physical sound processors. By the early ‘90s, Dave joined the engineering staff at Boomtown, a bustling commercial studio owned by Clio-winning music company Keller & Cohen, an experience that brought the good fortune of learning from legendary engineer, Fred Catero.

Boomtown was a fantastic crucible of music production, a studio where fast-paced sessions featured household-name session musicians, where the quality of music and engineering was high, and the pressure to work well, work fast, and keep everyone in the room on their game and in good spirits became an art in itself. This forged an invaluable skill-set steeped in the traditions of analog recording and mixing, and of a studio etiquette and atmosphere rarely seen these days.

While Dave eventually became chief engineer at Boomtown, he also began collecting an array of vintage and specialized equipment that he used in his own work, and to provide additional mixing and mastering services to clients he was working with in other studios. After some years, more was happening on this personal rig than in those studios, and Sonopod was opened to address the needs of an expanding workload.

In the years that have followed, Dave has worked on a huge spectrum of music; from Grammy-nominated R&B to sub-cultist math-rock, from San Francisco singer-songwriters to award-winning international artists.

With unique skills, a broad musical background, and top-notch equipment, Dave Greenberg collaborates with producers and musicians around the world, major-label artists and independents, bridging the gap between the technical and the creative, and helping to bring out the best in everyone he works with.

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In addition to mastering at Sonopod, Dave is still active as a mix engineer. Our clients benefit from the insights that this experience brings to the mastering room. Some of our repeat clients routinely consult with Dave as their mixes progress for objective feedback and discussion before mastering.

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