A mastering engineer’s tools start with first-class monitoring and playback, along with processors that are customized or otherwise well-suited to the fine task at hand.

Everything we use here at Sonopod has been selected or modified with great care and scrutiny, affording a wide range of treatments for a wide range of music. Whether transparent corrections or euphonic enhancements, our goal is to deliver your listeners the best possible presentation of your tracks.

Analog Signal Processing

  • Sontec MES-482D7 equalizer
  • Neve 2087 equalizer
  • Focusrite 315 mkII equalizer
  • API 5502 equalizer (custom modified)
  • SPL PassEQ equalizer
  • Eclair La-La Model 62 vacuum-tube optical limiter
  • Crane Song STC-8H compressor/limiter
  • NTP 179-170 compressor/limiter with Chris Muth modifications
  • Dolby 740 spectral processor
  • Crookwood custom M-S processor

Digital Audio Workstations and Signal Processing

  • Pro Tools HDX with DSP by Massenburg, Waves, McDSP, Massey, Sonic and many more
  • Assembly and masters via DSP-Quattro, Audiofile Engineering and Sonoris
  • iZotope and Z-Systems Z-3SRC sample rate conversion

Monitoring & Transfer

  • ME-Geithain RL901K monitor loudspeakers
  • AD and DA converters by Forsell, Mytek and Crookwood
  • Custom Crookwood monitor, insert and transfer console
  • 1/4" and 1/2" analog tape playback is available on request

Engineer's Notes

While we love our gear, there is no 'default' processing scheme applied; every project is approached with an intention to hear into the mixes and work in a continuation of the production. So, our work starts and ends with listening, making our ME-Geithain monitors a key to the studio. They allow us to decide what, if any processing is needed, and to know definitively when we’ve got it right.

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